Idoniko Tsipouro with Anise

An anise flavored Greek liquor that has the authentic taste of tradition because it is distilled with a selected aromatic plant of the Greek country-side: the Macedonian anise that for centuries has been sweetening and touching the hearts of Greeks. This distinguished genuine liquor is worth of its proud name thanks to the innovative technology of the Estate’s ultra-modern distillery. Multiple distillations carried out in copper stills remove all traces unpleasant substances, protecting at the same time the delicate aroma of the spirit. The result is a tsipouro with the fruity character of the carefully selected grape varieties, over a background of orange-tree blossoms, possibly making it the most genuine grappa. Chilled, «without rocks» it warms the feelings.




Drama, Greece

Food Pairings:

Even though tsipouro is considered the drink of “freedom” that doesn’t obey many rules, one could say that the one with anise is connected more with the traditions of Northern Greece. Enjoy with either meat or sea food mezethes. Serve with cold water and ice.


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